Teen birth rates from 1990-2016 – #projecthealthviz

There are many great visualization projects in the Tableau community. Makeover Monday, Workout Wednesday, Sports Viz Sunday, the list goes on. Scrolling through Twitter yesterday, I found another one – Project Health Viz. Started and curated by Lindsay Betzendahl, #projecthealthviz is discovering stories in a healthcare-related dataset once per month. I’m in.

For October 2018, the dataset was about teen birth rates from 1990-2016 for black, Hispanic, and white teens. There is an important story in this data – the overall teen birth rate for these three groups has fallen by 66% over that time frame. That’s good!

However, as is often the case when analyzing health outcomes among race, racial disparities persist. I chose to tell that story with this data. Interactive version here.


The racial disparity has declined a little bit over this time frame, but there is still work to do. It seems like with racial disparities in health outcomes, there is always more work to do.


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